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Welcome to
Cray Cray for Cakes
where making custom cakes is our specialty

About Us


We, at Cray Cray for Cakes, always had a passion for baking and over the years, we have very much enjoyed bringing family and friends together with delicious baked goods.

My dream has always been to own a bakery where I can share my tasty treats and creations with everyone, and it's finally come true.

Creating one-of-a-kind custom cakes truly began when my daughter was born.  Every year, I would make birthday cakes more elaborate than the last, and soon I found myself in a place where planning for a birthday party was more than just a party, it was about the cake too.

I enjoy the creative thinking and designing process that takes place when you let your imagination run, and I look forward to adding a fun and personal touch to your special occasion.

At Cray Cray for Cakes, we will work with you to make your dream cake come true and bring smiles and joy to your table.

We specialize in creating unique designs on personalized cakes and cupcakes, and will add more baked goods in the near future, so come back and visit us often to check out the latest additions to our menu.


Our Products

Making delicious cakes is a fine art, or is it science?  At Cray Cray for Cakes, we believe is both.  

We pay close attention to detail on our cake art & decor, and use fresh ingredients in perfect balance to produce delicate and tasty cakes.

Our art & decor creations are hand-made and edible.


  • We do not include electrical or mechanical props into our final product.  Our cakes are fun and d'lish just the way they are!
  • We purchase our ingredients in grocery and specialty stores, which means that we do not manufacture or produce any of the ingredients used in our baked goods and cake decor.


Our Services

Cray Cray for Cakes is an online bakery, and as such, we create our custom cakes and cupcakes in a modern commercial kitchen and deliver them from there directly to you.

We strive in providing the best quality products to you, our customers.

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